Friday, February 3, 2012

Something Blue

We all like to do things around here.
(be glad I don't post all the cooking!)

So one day we were looking out the window in the backyard(which is a war zone) and thought how nice it would be to see flowers out there. Flowers that bees, butterflies and hummingbirds would like. We like those critters, they are not only aesthetically pleasing but they help my plants and probably yours too.
So once upon a time one of my Aunts built a small produce garden where she had cinder blocks containing it and smaller plants sitting inside of them. Since then I have loved the idea of gardening with cinder blocks.
Only....they are SO drab.
Grey. Boring. Industrial. No warmth.
So naturally when Keith brought home cinder blocks for the new flower/herb garden where our birds and bees and butterflies could feast their little wings off, I looked up hopefully and said "Painting them might make the garden prettier"
Blink blink.
To which he responded...
By standing and staring blankly at me for 10 excruciating minutes.

What really happened is that Keith, being oh so accommodating said "Sure, let's do it!"  

So we stayed up late(well really maybe 9pm) and painted cinder blocks
In the morning they were glowing a brilliant shade of blue. 
This is what it looked like previously.
I would also like to add that when Ike hit and our neighbors fence fell some mystery plant invaded my yard...this is what you see to the left. It is super super invasive, lately I have started to think its Lantana. Later goals involve getting rid of this mystery invasive plant and having real grass again.
So here's Cash jumping on the dirt soon to go into the garden.
We laid the cinder blocks all in a row, which makes me think of "Mary Mary quite contrary how does your garden grow, with silver bells and cockle shells and pretty maids all in a row." Only I have bricks. And Keith has flip flops
Isn't it beautiful??  I was actually trying to get Cash's face here...and this is why...
Cash managed to find an empty can of paint, open it and spray it in his face. Luckily with his eyes closed. He is ever mischievous and for sure the only kid I know that could make an empty can of paint contain just enough to spray...once.
Brand new flower garden. Unfortunately it is not spring yet so the specific flowers we want for our garden (to attract b, hb, and b)are not available yet. So it is not the finished product.
where the arrows are we have:
Yellow: Sweet mint
Pink: Oregano
Green: Rosemary
Red Lavender
Blue: Parsley
The Yellow flowers are daffodil, Purple is ornamental cabbage (or so it said) and Orange is a Mexican Honey suckle.
We also planted Columbine in the back.
I love the way all 4 of these colors look together.

More on the flower garden as it fills in.

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