Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

Thanksgiving 2014 we traveled to "Sam and tonio" (How 3 year old Cash pronounced San Antonio)
One of the first things we did after checking in with my in-laws was head off to McAllister Park with a pair of Keith's expired running shoes! Each of us thoughtfully signed the pair of shoes and then they were off! 

Here they will reside until nature or the city of San Antonio decides otherwise.

Next, we took advantage of the fall foliage before heading off to Trinity University, Keith's Alma Mater!

Cash was having a terrible time here. The brick was seriously the only thing that made him smile.

One of my favorite pictures of the kiddos. <3 p="">
Although we have been here many times, exploring the campus is always a delight. Keith introduces us to new areas and memories every time we visit!

And sometimes he plays tricks on us.
Isn't this a stunning photo? 
Never trust husbands with cameras! :)

Jack and Cash thoroughly enjoying Trinity's "Magic Stones."

Later that weekend we hit the hills  with my wonderful in-laws for the Boerne "Dickens on Main." They had petting zoos, snow falling from the lamp posts (Texas snow), a sledding hill, ice carving contests and plenty of food, shopping and entertainment. We had a fantastic time, and I just loved the old small town of Boerne! I can't wait to visit again! 


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