Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas day a few days late...

The kids slept until 7, instead of the semi regular 5am wake up call. Merry Christmas to momma.
Stocking opening, Yuliya is very proud of her new scarf and wears it everywhere. I have yet to find one for Cash, but he is desperately wanting to wear scarves like his Yuliya and Momma.
Hmm....what to play with first. Look at all the princesses!
As for Cash his big gift was the emergency respond team, including a fire truck with a massive ladder. See the book behind Cash? Keith and I exchanged presents the night before, the book is one of the gifts I received. When the kids woke up on Christmas morning I could hear them whispering about Santa. When I came out they said...."Look Santa came and he brought this really big book" Like this was the extent of magical gifts :)
Oh and the emergency team had a helicopter in it.....Keith's favorite part. Yes 32 year old men will still run around with a helicopter zooming through the air and make noises to match.
Aunt Tara and Family gave Cash a super hero costume a few weeks ago, but I thought it's pretty stinkin cute that Cash was riding around on his bike in his Christmas sweater with the mask on.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Keith got an Ipad for Christmas

This is what happens when you leave us alone with it.....

We have way too much fun in Photobooth

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Eve

On Christmas eve it rained....

All day....

but we still went to Uncle Darwin's anyway, hats in hand.(or on heads)

Did you know I get very car sick, very easily? So while it works out to put the hats on the dash, it makes me want to hurl. The only thing I can come up with is that part of my vision is seeing something still where the rest is moving? Not sure...any how the kids took advantage of me putting mine and Keith's hats in the back seat.  I thought it was pretty darn cute.

Yuliya, Taylor, Kaitlyn and Cash.
Yuliya and Taylor were pretty inseparable. They would run circles around the house, it was like watching a Tom and Jerry cartoon.

One loop you would see Yuliya following Taylor, the next loop they made you would see Taylor following Yuliya. Not knowing how or when they switched.
And Mr. Cash man had about 10 cookies! Every time I turned around he had another one in his hand....sneaky sneaky!

Thank you Uncle Darwin and Aunt Kathy for the wonderful gifts, the kids love them. I especially love them. It was great to spend time with you all.

Friday, December 23, 2011

What did you do

Over the break?

This is how we kicked off our Winter break...
We played with Cody

Yours truly's foot tree

Yuliya's hand/foot Rudolph

We painted Christmas paintings...
Cash's Rudolph hand/foot painting

Yuliya's Christmas tree foot painting
Cash's Christmas tree

We broke in Aunt Amy's new house....don't you love Alyssa's bedhead?

They both had bed head

Isn't it funny how once they learn to run, walking is never acceptable anymore...both kids run everywhere. Yuliya had a blast playing in Aunt Amy's new house. She kept telling us each room was her house and we were allowed come play.

And we definitely watched tv with Miss Alyssa.

 It was such a nice relaxing day before the excitment of cooking and opening presents.

More to come....

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

That time again

Remember flipping through haircut books trying to figure out what cut you wanted, pointing to about six and then changing your mind when you get to the seat? Yuliya was able to do that for the first time yesterday. See her finger pointing?

In case you are wondering what she is craning her neck to see. It was the Scissor Sharpener that stopped in while we were there.

Below is Yuliya's before shot.

Pretty neat cape :)
The man sharpening scissors gave us all pink carnations before he left. Cash was extremely proud of his flower and sat beaming as we watched Yuliya get her hair cut.
Finished product!

Also after her haircut we went out to eat. A few minutes after we sat down a man and his wife sat down across from us. The man was older with a full white beard and happened to be wearing a red sweatshirt. The kids were so excited to see "Santa". He got a kick out of them watching him like a celebrity, giggling and talking about Santa all through dinner.
Yuliya trying not to be obvious that she was staring at "Santa"

P.S. "Santa eats all of his dinner."

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Find a penny

Pick  it up

If you find a penny face down, do you flip it over so the next person will have good luck?

I do

Do you throw a penny on the ground if you are having a bad day?

I had never heard of this until recently but maybe that's why we find homeless pennies every so often just looking to make someone grin.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Do you still play in toystores?

We do...we all do!

Yuliya likes to surround herself with stuffed animals. She could spend hours in the same spot. Hugging and talking to them, teaching them, and feeding them. Yuliya loves to play house with dolls but more so with animals.

 Keith and I may or may not have enjoyed playing with the masks.

 And Cash....of course was in heaven. He played with cars, trucks, buses and emergency vehicles.

While I am not a huge fan of monster toy stores, I do love the toys at whole earth provision, lakeshore learning, and smaller more focused stores. I love finding the toys I had as a child for my children.

Do you buy your little ones toys you had as a child too?


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