Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Money vs Love

Yesterday I took my lovely children to target to purchase a backpack for Yuliya as she will be starting school in the fall. And...well I try to be thrifty so I do things like buy things in the off season. I bee-lined it to the backpack I wanted to get her, it's purple(her new favorite color) its sporty, durably built for a child's back pack, it is on clearance because not only is it out of season for backpacks but this model is also no longer made. 
 But, I just wasn't fast enough...
She's four, she has youth on me! I swear the kid has a radar for princess gear like a shark for blood, she can sense a jewel on a crown in a 10 mile radius.
She saw it.
The Fairy Princess backpack
(to be fair it was the only other back pack on sale, way to go Yuliya)
Given the choice between the gray and purple backpack and a fairy princess one that looks far more inferior as far as durability goes, she chose fairy princess. It's a little more expensive, she will be "over it" by 1st grade and it isn't built to last....but...she really likes it. I can remember being her age wishing I had that too, having a far too logical parent to actually get me one. So against my better financial judgement I said "okay I will look for it cheaper online"(hey I can give her what she wants, just let me find the best deal first!)
So ladies and gentlemen the search begins.

Also while at the store.. My mother (Grandmami) recently emailed and asked what Yuliya would like for her birthday. I had the grand idea of taking her to the toy section and asking her what she would want. In retrospect I should have video taped it. Would you like to know what happens when you take a four year old to the toy section and ask them what they want?
Pretty much the scene from Charlie in the Chocolate Factory of Veruca Salt running through hands outstretched touching as much as she could. I want that! and this! and that! and this! and that! Only not as bratty. I think Yuliya might have thought I was offering to take as much as we could fit in the car(leaving Cash at the store of course).

So Grandmami, to answer your question, we will be discussing further a top list of things she would like or needs. Not to worry each child had a new toy waiting for them in the car(if they were good)(they were) since I was making them eat dinner later. Cash received a neat little metal airplane, and Yuliya a set of squinkies. Something I had never heard of until Sam who when I said "What's that?" replied " They are called squishies(really squinkies) and they are small and you can smoosh them, but only once, see like this." and proceeded to smoosh each squinkie one time. Thanks for the lesson Sam.

At dinner we made silly masks out of tortillas. Don't worry no tacos were harmed in the making of this photo.

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