Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Something new

Who likes wasting food? Not me! So I searched for a recipe that would allow me to use up the rest of my fresh spinach and found one called spinach brownies. It was incredibly easy to make, and I had all of the ingredients including a bag of mozzeralla cheese that also needed to be used. Now while the kids finished dinner I prepared the spinach brownies and popped them in the oven.

Gross name.....tastes fantastic!
So I sat and ate spinach brownies and watched an episode of Madmen.
I went to bed
at 12:44 a 2 yr old boy runs into my room, and holds his arms up to jump in bed with me, I lift him up and we snuggle
20 minutes later the same little boy slides off the bed, and runs back to his own room
3:15 same little boy starts opening and closing his bedroom door
3:18 close
3:18 open
3:18 close
3:22 open
3:24 close
3:24 open
3:27 close
3:27 I turn off their night light
3:50 open
3:53 open
3:54 close
3:58 open, and a rumbling comes pouring down the hallway like a stamped of baby gazelles. I look in the doorway and there are my two babies standing in the doorway asking what's for breakfast and if its a school day.
3:59 "It's bedtime!"
6:15  Cash is surprisingly wide awake and ready to roll.
Yuliya is not, she doesn't want to:
 open her eyes
get out of bed
be talked to
be looked at
get dressed
brush her hair
6:25 Toddler melt down, she's certain I haven't zipped her dress up all the way and theres no convincing her I have.
6:45 we hold hands while I drive them to school.
(lots of traffic today)
6:55 She's better, lots of hugs and kisses from both, and off to breakfast with friends.
And now the sun is rising..... :)
Good morning family.

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