Sunday, July 31, 2011

Swim Class 4

Swim class number 4, went smoothly for all, until the end of Cash's class where he decided he was done with water getting in his ears. I really enjoy this swim class, SwimJim, it has an indoor pool, so its not shocking to get in the water like most pools. We signed them up for another month of swim, and maybe another after that? When they start growing gills, I might take them out.
Happy Kick, kick, kicking! With Dada and Ms. Regan

Patiently(sometimes more than others) waiting for her class. Yuliya has to watch her brother swim for a whole half hr before its her turn! She does pretty well, until about the 10 min mark and then I start counting down the minutes with her.
Swimming across the pool, she did so much better with this this time.
Diving in!
This is what Cash does while he waits for Yuliya to finish. CRACKERS!!!!

Video soon to follow :)

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