Thursday, February 9, 2012


Last week we received new recycling cans as well as less limitations on recycling. We can now recycle pretty much anything. We are pumped!
Well, I am.
The kids are probably still trying to figure out why I am treating throwing things in the trash like making a three point shot in the last 5 seconds of a ball game.

Yes, I might be THAT mom. The one that overly celebrates small victories such as recycling, pooping on the potty(which is actually a huge victory to a parent) using proper manners, and cleaning up after yourself.

The first day our cans were dropped off we had junk mail, yogurt cups and a milk carton in them before the dust had time to settle around the can. We have so much in there now it is absolutely worth the space of the new trash can versus the small dinky box we originally had.
Currently we compost all organic non dairy matter outside, every time I cook there is a bowl set to the side for this purpose and is promptly taken outside for composting.  A better recycling program means we will be able to send the least amount possible to landfills.
I am trying to figure out a way to make this can more accessible than any other disposal option making recycling in our household the more convenient option. Ideas welcome. FYI it is a mini sized rolling trashcan, a little bigger than the old aluminum cans.

P.S. People name their cars all the time, I decided to use a palindrome for the recycling can since it's a form of recycling in itself. It's come down to either Hannah or Izzi.

Completely unrelated: Thank you Michelle for the advice on Jansport and their lifetime warranties!

Also completely unrelated: I took soldier to the vet last night. I may have gotten in trouble.... He is 10lbs over weight! Although slimmer than he was at Christmas, we will need to continue working on this. In case you wonder how his fecal test went.(I know you are) It was perfect.

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