Friday, February 14, 2014

Chronicles of the 48 Louisiana

One winter/spring Keith worked in St. Francisville Louisiana for 5 months. On Valentine's weekend, I decided to pack up all four of our birds and head for the swamp! We left Houston at 3pm and arrived in St. Francisville at a few minutes to midnight. Here is our adventure summed up in one blog post. 
This is the face a mama that sat in 9 hours of traffic on what was supposed to be a 5 hour trip with 4 kiddos to visit a husband she hadn't seen in 2 months.
We loved our Louisiana travels! Every morning we woke up, went downstairs for breakfast and then ventured the area until Keith met up with us midday for further adventures. We visited old plantation houses and running farms. 

We witnessed reenactments.


A carpenter demonstrated tool use and shingle production!

Some families collect pencils, some collect snow globes, or spoons. Our family collects Collegiate gear. When we travel we try to explore at least one campus which then earns us a souvenir. 

Mike the Tiger! One of the few University mascots still living on campus!

The Indian Mounds were not only a blast to run up and roll down, they were Cash's favorite rumination spot. He plopped down on top of the mound and contemplated for the next 20 minutes. 

Cohn Arboretum-the children encountered bearded dragons, snakes, fish, a plethora of turtles, and of course, what Louisiana trip would be complete without seeing a gator!

Possibly my favorite part of this trip was the caboose we happened upon!

If you haven't been to the Texas welcome center on the border of Louisiana, I highly recommend it! This decked trail went on fair distance, offering peaceful views and the opportunity to see an assortment of wildlife, it turned out to be a fantastic final stop before home.

Let's get home!
5 down,43 to go!


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