Saturday, February 4, 2012

oh yea

In case you're thinking...wait it's Saturday..why am I still seeing these rambling blogs. 
Well...I may have forgotten to mention that I joined the NaBloPoMo for February.  
See it over there on my sidebar?
The goal is to post daily. 
There's only 29 days in February this year. 
I can do this!

This weekend is full of errands, Rockets game last night, looking to switch phone provider's today, hair cuts, checking out new computers(although I won't buy one yet, I would like to see what I will need to save up for) Doing taxes. Which always makes me think of that saying.
Nothing is certain but death and taxes.
Untrue! Completely untrue.
 I can think of a few other things that are certain.
Dogs will always smell(at least a little),
Cats will always claw,
I hope cows will always moo,
 And I will always say awwww when I see a baby anything(even awful, awful squirrels)
Okay its early, I am out of certainties, but I know there are more.

Back on subject
Catching part of the Super Bowl and making salsa are also on this weekend's to do. Usually making salsa would be so insignificant it shouldn't even really be mentioned, but not this weekend. This weekend there will be a salsa festival in my kitchen. I love to cook, as much as I love to cook I also happen to love eating(convenient right?) Last weekend I was lucky enough to stumble upon a few salsa recipes I just had to try and instead of waiting and spreading them out like a normal person might, I decided to make them all at once. Mainly because I just can't decide which to do first. So there you have it, the first celebration of the year in my household, Salsa Festival!
What I hope to have accomplished by the end of this weekend
Blueberry salsa
Tomato and Goat cheese salsa
Cranberry salsa
(Kay to make the perfect cran salsa I will need you)
Black bean and Corn Salsa
Feta Salsa

Wish me luck!
And as always,

Feel free to send me any recipes or advice. I greatly appreciate all of your emails. :)

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