Thursday, December 8, 2011

To that special someone

Today is your birthday in case you didn't know. Today is that day that you're supposed to get whatever you wish's a rule. So pick your meals, pick your clothes, pick your nose, and maybe pick some lottery numbers. I am oh so happy that you were born today 32 years ago. I am even happier you survived childhood, those harsh teenage years, survived college, and the military, survived living in SETX and a series of unfortunate events. I am happy you made it to this year, to this day, so I could inform you how blissful it is to say...."geez you're old" :)

Happy Birthday to Keith, thanks for keeping Alyssa company in our family of spring birthdays. I am thankful for all that you are and do, and I hope 31 is out shined by 32.

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