Monday, May 30, 2011

Dirty couch, Funny Face

This is Cash's progress as of today. I think I might be more ready for this to end than he is, there's aquafor EVERYWHERE! I have been trying to keep it on him to keep him from itching and promote healing, but man is this stuff greasy. It doesn't help that the kid's favorite game currently is to climb on the couch and "walk the plank" slightly morbid. My white couch is now covered in greasy aquafor. Scotch gaurd, we are putting you to the test. You can tell Yuliya is extremely sympathetic towards her brother's condition.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Chicken Pox

 unfortunately, this is his better looking hand.
 this is after he's all greased up, ready for a slip and slide

  He has two sores on the bottoms of each foot poor guy
It's a wonder how both of my children had the vaccine, and both have developed chicken pox. We went to urgent care today after I decided this was no longer just a bad flair up of eczema for cash. He has these all over his feet, legs, hands, side/back and neck. Poor guy just keeps itching all day long, and saying "oww momma, oww" I've given him an oatmeal bath, coated  him in aquafor and now I swear if this child bumps into any walls he's going to just slide right off from being greased like a butterball.  Here's hoping this passes quickly Mr. Cash man.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dog food.

This is how I found Cash this morning when I woke them up for school. Was he reading before bed? Talking to his nightlight? Looking for something under the bed? Or did he simply decide he wanted to sleep on the floor tonight? Whatever the thought process, he did NOT wake up a happy camper. Note to Cash, sleeping on the floor makes for an unhappy morning and some pretty intense side of the face sleep marks.

On a different note, when we got home,I gave the kids a few crackers to eat while dinner was cooking spaghetti. For some reason Yuliya decided to crush hers into tiny pieces and eat it. Cash had a stack of nice neat whole crackers. When Yuliya was tired of her crackers she wanted to give them to soldier, as is custom in our house. So I brought the bowl over and swept the crackers in, Cash nearly lost it. Precious crackers had just been dumped in the dogs bowl! I told him "don't worry about it, you have a whole stack of crackers in front of you" I turn to stir my spaghetti, turn back, where's cash?? Yep.....he abandoned his pile of crackers to sit on the floor and eat crushed crackers out of the dog bowl.---boys

Friday, May 20, 2011

Sue? Suzy?

Today I went to lunch with my Aunt Sue, Uncle Darwin, and Cousin Heather. As soon as I got in the car for my midday break from flourescent lights the sunshine started in on her plot to kidnap me. I actually got a picture of it, you can see her rays trying to steal me away from work. And I'll be honest, I did briefly consider letting her win.

But alas, my lunch came with Wonton soup! That looked disquietingly like HUMAN BRAINS!!!!  Well, I can't claim to be a brain connoisseur, so maybe not human, but it was fun to pretend I was a zombie for a second. :) My fantasy was quickly brough to a grinding halt when I cracked open that sucker and it was full of thanks. How does brain looking soup relate to kidnapping sunshine? I'll tell you how, I went back to work. Okay it's true, I am not exactly working YET but I did want to share my lovely wonton soup brain pic:)
Also when we arrived at the restaurant Sue and Heather first, then myself, then Darwin, the hostess asked each of us "Sue? Suzy??" and confused the heck out of us, leading us to a table where the Corcorran's were not. Although I think if I had been Sue I might have started a name guessing game with the hostess :)

 Only because this happened to be right next to my zombie soup picture in my saved documents, below is a great moment where I was able to capture a mermaid in the sky. Can you see her?
Thank you for the wonderful lunch family, I miss you all and its always great to see you. :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sorry Cash

Sorry Cash, they were cheaper than regular you are going to be  my little honky cowboy for the next week. Ladies and Gentleman, introducing jean diapers....yes, diapers made to look like jeans.

P.S. I need a better camera! Next on my to-do

Monday, May 16, 2011

You are still loved

Lonely cloud in that sea of blue, I noticed you, I appreciate you. You are loved.

Meanest mommy

 So yesterday I trapped what I googled and decided was a brown recluse. Trapped him underneath a glass candle. Immediately upon doing it I had the heebie jeebies so I couldn't commit to taking him on a car ride with me to let free in the park, and killing him was just out of the question.(maybe I could get someone else to do it) So I left him to sit under this candle over night, to sit and think about what he had done, growing eight legs and a large bulb body and then popping out of the closet right as I put my hand on the towel it was under! I never hold a grudge once I go to sleep, now this is both a curse and a blessing in daily life, but especially so for my trapped 8 legged armed  intruder.
This morning I turned my faithful attack roomba on before work, forgetting that I was holding a brown recluse prisoner in my bathroom. About halfway through the day I remembered that 8 legged beast and that my clumsy roomba probably released it to roam wild(or crawl in my mouth while I sleep). But good/bad news I came home to a completely legless dead, still brown but no longer a recluse. I am sorry spider, I meant to set you free, but thank you roomba,I can sleep well knowing my finger won't rot off from a spider bite.

 Here are pics of cash throwing a fit because I am the meanest mommy of all the mommies for not letting him eat pink and white animal cookies for dinner.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

I Mean Business!!!

Cash has done this since he was a few months old, but this is the first time I could catch him doing it for the camera. His I mean business face. Also yes, my child was walking around with an empty milk carton trying to feed all of us milk today.  Silly boy.
pondering the days events at the kitchen table

we made fans today :)

Stinky Boys

So I realized a few things this weekend.

Diapers: Fanny pack? Wallet? Wait why dont these things have pockets???
On Saturday morning Cash found a penny and promptly put it in his mouth, to which I responded with my best mommy "I don't think so Mr." look. So the gentleman took it out of his mouth and tucked it safely in the front of his diaper..... that just happens once right? Uh uh, later after naptime, he was the first to wake up, so in our private only child time he was feeding me pickles(fake ones), so I took my bite, he took  his bite, then safely tucked his plastic pickles in the front of his diaper and took off to color me a picture...sweet boy.

 Stinky boys:  I have this theory that boys are just naturally stinkier than girls, it's their cross to bear, sorry guys. Yuliya is picking up on quite a lot, including my stinky boy theory. Today she told him at least 5 times that he was a "STINKY BOY!" (which is what I usually say if he is rejecting bathtime) She used it in more of a "no boys allowed" context.

Her Mother's Child:
So a very Megan/momma thing to say is "don't worry about it" that's my typical response, and especially to my children whom I am trying to break of tattling.  Today we were watching Tangled, the new Rapunzel movie. There is a part in the film where Flynn and the horse, Maximus are falling off of a cliff and Yuliya says, "don't worry about it, Don't worry about it! (turns to me) Right momma?" To which I laughed and said, "yes, don't worry about it :) everything happens for a reason"


Cash ended up so comfortable on the slide that he decided to start walking up it, typical rebel boy! Not even 2 yet!

 We went to the park for a little bit today, my cautious children usually aren't fans of slides but today they really took to them :) here's some pics and video


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