Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Head

Happy Birthday to my closest friend, Heather. I won't tell you how old she is,even though it's younger than me.(gift #2)  I have left her Christmas present at my house all month, so she gets it today as well her birthday present (gift #1 and #3)

About Heather:
  • She's promised if my water broke in public she would walk behind me so no one knew. Twice.
  • She holds my hand when I am scared
  • She knows what I'm thinking at any given moment.
  • Eaten ice cream in the dead of winter almost daily because I craved it
  • She's very artistic, good at drawing and making things(like her momma) she even did this super cute christmas bow hair do in my hair this winter :)

  • She is a fellow foodie
  • She has the fattest cat (yes Heather I know you want me to say big boned)
  • And last but not least....I think she would make a great bus driver. Happy Birthday to Heather the best bus driving, animal loving, mini marveling friend I have.



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