Monday, October 3, 2011

Atrium Make over

The weather this weekend was fantastic, I don't think it ever got over 84. We left the windows and doors open all weekend and took advantage of houston garden center's 70% off sale of all plants! Some of them were a little crunchy looking or had a healthy dose of aphids, but I figure with enough love, and help from the lady bugs I released they will be happy in no time. :) It was such a great weekend to work outside, have I mentioned that I love fall?

This year the great azalea here and here that has been there my whole life died, the drought took it along with 6.5 million trees across Texas. I am glad this is one of my only major fatalities yet. Keith and I replaced it with two new ones, a Wax Mallow and a couple of Burbine.
Wax mallow close to the azaleas, when I woke up this morning there were about 30 ladybugs sleeping under this one's leaves tucked in like babies, very cute
Angelonia, Mexican heather
Hello Angelonia
Ah! Plants! The Oleanders with Bulbine planted between them
He was attempting to release them one at a time at first :P
Welcome home, drink up!

A lady bug chowing down on an aphid that was attacking the Oleanders 

The above is what the atrium looked like last winter 12/4/2010 when I initially decided to clean it up a little. Unfortunately I didn't think to take pictures until I was 1/3 of the way done, so just imagine all three sections around the T of bricks completley overgrown with wild ferns, making the atrium uninhabitable.

Here is what it looked like after the clearing of the overgrowth

Off to the right is what it looked like after moving all of the bricks to attempt to form a patio.
The bricks used were bought 10 years ago and I was unable to find any that matched exactly, so we had to get creative if we really wanted a patio.

The below series is what it looks like as of today....we actually added 5 more plants since taking these pictures.

at night
We planted Hawaiian Ti, a couple of types of Croton, a couple types of fern, Echeveria, Angelonia, Wax Mallow, Bulbine, Lavender, Rosemary and Blue Daze.

Hawaiian Ti (now has croton grass near it)
Bulbine, Wax Mallow, Angelonia
Asparagus Fern, Blue Daze and a Croton

Alex the Cat loves the new atrium, as does Soldier, he has been joining us for breakfast out there when we let him. It's so great to feel the air and see the sky while you eat your meals:)

P.S. I finally found the supplies I need to make Yuliya's halloween costume. We will start on it tonight!

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