Friday, February 17, 2012

In the kitchen

I have been very low on time the past few days. With work, children, a migraine and a leak in the kitchen paired with a musty smell.  Adjusters have come out, contractors have come out, now it's time for the plumber. What I know for now is about 1/3 of my cabinets will need to be replaced along with dry wall and all of my counter tops. This is a bummer because we cook often which is hard when you have no kitchen, also am not looking forward to spend so much money. But it does offer up a chance to update my 37 year old kitchen with original counter tops. Now here is where I meant to have a picture ready for you....but I forgot to upload it. Tomorrow I will be sure to post and hope to receive advise on what to do.

When I found the leak and all of the damage from it, I promptly grabbed a box of girl scout cookies while I fretted over what might need to be done. Yesterday I found this cute blog that made me laugh and I absolutely relate to. For parents out there that have read any of the "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" series to your children. It is both in tune with the book but also completely accurate about those wicked little cookies.

 Read the entire story here

"If you give a mom a Girl Scout cookie, she’s going to say she can eat just one.
When she eats just one, she’ll realize she was lying.
When you go to school, she’ll eat the rest of the box of cookies.
Then she’ll feel bad because there are no cookies left for anyone else.
When she feels this guilt, she might decide to get more cookies before anyone realizes what she did.
So she’ll probably go to Target to look for Girl Scouts.
When she gets to Target, she’ll go inside to have a quick look around.
She’ll start browsing.
She might get carried away and end up filling her cart with things that she doesn’t need but really really wants.
She may end up buying almost $100 worth of merchandise.
When she’s done, she’ll probably feel a sense of giddiness mixed with buyer’s remorse."
Happy Friday!

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