Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I opted for a late night post today instead of the regular A.M. one. I want to know how you and/or you kids spent Valentines.
Were you cuddled up together with you special someone? Child or spouse? 
Did you skype with someone long distance? 
Go to a party? 
On a date? 
Were you surprised? 
Do you not celebrate this day? 
Tell me, what DID you do?

Here's a little of our day.
I stayed home for the insurance adjuster to come by and check out my leaky kitchen sink and the wonderful musty smell it is putting off. So we slept in and dawdled about playing and getting ready for school.
I was surprised when I got in the car to see flowers and a love note from my Mr.

The kids were so excited about an entire day of Valentines Celebrations. They cradled their love notes all the way to school flipping through each one over and over again.
Silly children

Of course when the day was over they couldn't wait to get home and eat their candy. Lucky me tonight falls on a night where I pick dinner. I picked Veggie Corndogs, Edamame, Strawberries and Blueberries and Cheese.  They had to eat everything before candy. This of course backfired on me when Cash attempted to stuff the last 6 bites of food in his mouth so he could move on to bigger and better things...and promptly vomited. Cash-1 Momma-0 Lesson learned.
For me, tonight concludes with a surprise visit from the same person that sent me flowers this morning. Thanks for being a great Valentine!  

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