Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Oh say can you snake...

This is my best friend heather. We do a lot together, some people say too much...but yesterday, we fixed my sink!
This weekend my kitchen sink wasnt functioning well, anytime I would turn on the water it would take minutes to drain 30 seconds worth of water. The disposal only made it come out the other side of the sink and overflow under neath. So after getting some advice from Chris, Heather and I decided to try snaking it out ourselves. Now this requires taking the sink trap off (the U shape of the pipe) and snaking it out.

The first thing we did? Open the cabinet, start clearing it out to work and......promptly jump up and start screaming and jumping around the house! There was a big fat stinkin roach under the sink, blegh! I sure am glad it's finally raining in Houston again, but I don't miss roaches appearing because of it. Heather, being the brave soul that she is, was able to catch him in a cup and throw it outside....over the fence.

Now down to business. After much muscle work and the help of a wrench we were able to open the trap and check out what was causing all the trouble... a straw from one Cash Sawyer's cup and a flower stem. Then we snaked the rest of the pipe with our homemade snake, all clear! Plumber's tape, put her all back together,oh...theres a leak...lets repeat this step..... and viola! Fixed sink :) no leaks, no clogs, no trouble. Brought to you buy H & M, but mainly H.

Super heroes? Close enough.

P.S. Yuliya said we scared her when we were screaming. Sorry little lady

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