Saturday, February 11, 2012

A boy and his dog

This morning as I sat on the phone with the Insurance company Yuliya and Cash played in the living room occasionally poking their head in to tell me something dire.
"The sun is awake!" 
"This is E in sign language!
"I can draw a dog"
"Cash smells like poop"

and most excitedly was probably "He ate it! He ate it! Soldier ate it!" this one came with a eager bouncing up and down Cash. I figured that Cash gave him a treat or cracker. The boy does love his dog and loves to feed him
I figured wrong.
As soon as I was off the phone I grabbed my poopy smelling boy to change his diaper. Only...where's his diaper?
"Wait, Cash...where's your diaper. "
"Cash..where did you go poop? "
He had it on his bum and trailing down his legs. 
"Cash, where's your poop??"
"Soldier ate it"
"Soldier ate it!"
Really..A boy and his dog, a team like no other, through thick and thin. This might be a little overboard though guys. Blegh.

How's your Saturday going?

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