Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Well my computer is on the fritz. As of yesterday it refuses to power on completely. This is my problem:
When I press the power button everything lights up and you can hear it running as if the computer is running, but the screen never comes on.

Things I have tried(that did not work)
Power on, power off
Speaking nicely to it
Taking the battery off and putting it back on
Power on, Power off
Pressed a lot of the function keys
Unscrewed some screws in the back
Screwed them back in(thank goodness for magnetic screws, those suckers are tiny)
Power on Power off
Remove battery, make sure everything in there looks secure...and only b/c this seems to be every one's advice online...I blew into it like an old nintendo game.
More begging and bargaining
Power on power off

Some of these I definitely tried more than once. Some only once.  None of them have worked. Today on the advice of my cousin I will plug it into a monitor to see if it is functioning and I just have screen issues. Then on the advice of my Uncle I will take the thing apart as much as I can and make sure everything is secure inside of it.

But as you can see...It's pretty much a Frankenstein..... It's gone through 2 babies now, one of them(Cash) has always taken joy in ripping buttons off. I have done pretty well adhering them back to the home and other rows safely with the exception of my left control button and space bar. Yes...that's right. I blog without a space bar. Every space I hit I have to use my finger tip and push that little sensor in the middle. Pathetic right? And before you say..."Just buy a new button" I will just say, I thought of that. Then after I thought of it, I bought a new button, one that was absolutely for my computer and model....only it wasn't.

Back to the main issue though. If you have any advice I welcome it. If I can fix it I would be elated. But as it stands right now I am feeling pretty defeated about this and like it might be time to reinvest.

I look forward to your input!

Also completely unrelated

I am totally 100% against crash dieting, but I am making an exception. I guess that makes me 99% against it. My dog is chubby...I mean "I rescheduled his vet appt because I know the vet won't be happy with me and my chunky dog" chubby. So you might be excited to hear that soldier is doing a 30 day weight loss challenge. Starting with no more sandwiches!

P.S. That is a picture of him in shape after he ran up a steep hill on the reservoir a few months ago.

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