Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Missing days

Short recap as I find myself with such little time these days.

Our Tio Roberto passed away earlier this week, we went to mass on Saturday morning to say good bye. It was beautiful and well thought out. Later we did taxes which took a few hours. We dedicated the rest of the day at home working in the garden or playing inside. Sunday we visited with cousins, went to the home and garden show in cypress, and went to the dog park.
Amazingly enough, Yuliya who is terrified of most dogs(even though ours is large and she loves him) was finally able to walk almost the entire track with us at the dog park; confidently! She didn't cower when a dog came her way or scale me like a cat up a tree. This is a huge step for her, scaling me is the general reaction to seeing a dog.

 Demo starts on Thursday which means tonight Heather and I will attempt to pack and move my entire pantry, bar, and 1/3 of the kitchen. Thank goodness for best friends. Anyone wanna help us???
This weekend Keith and I may attempt the rest of the kitchen.

I will take plenty of before pictures tonight and let you see as the process moves on (4 weeks)

P.S. I still have not picked counters, wall colors, back splash, urggg

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