Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Friends in January

Playing with Houston at the Children's museum, Who thinks Cash needs a hair clip?

Yuliya and Sierra playing dress up

Yuliya and Sierra Lemonade stand

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Yuliya and Art

 sticker face 12/2009
Now my first child is much like her mother in that she loves art. The only thing is, she seems to enjoy her body/face as a canvas more than most people. I guess I should just be thankful she stays away from walls. Previously she didn't have a brother to spread this art to, this is the second time that I have captured when he has fallen victim to her creativity on film. This is what she did today 1/12/2011 but I've also posted some of her past acts of body art.

sticker art the consequences of sitting next to your sister for a 15 minute car ride.
 Diaper cream art june of 2009

 Sharpie art april of 2009
Finger painting june of 2008


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