Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Can we do it?

Yes we can! Here is our adventure from downgrading from a king sized pillowtop mattress to a queen sized wool stuffed futon mattress on a raised platform with storage underneath :)

First we figured out how we wanted the bed to look, platform it was, wanted a ledge with under the bed space for storing. We went to home depot and made a bed in the lumber section, yes, set the whole thing up. I regret not bringing my camera for this. Then we went to Jo'Anns and bought an awesome vintage yellow fabric to go with the paisely blue sheets
Assembled the platform in the garage

Moved mattresses to the playroom until the recylcers could come pick it up. This step I did all on my own....with cash offering to help every step of the way. It is way more difficult than one would assume, I was huffing and puffing afterwards for sure. And as soon as I was done? Fed Ex knocked on the door with the new mattress!

Duct tape the edges so the raw wood doesnt tear into the padding and fabric. Padding and fabric of course so you dont kill your shins and the much wanted platform part of it. Staple the batting.....notice two staple guns? Yes the longest process of making this bed was first trying to find the proper staples for the old staple gun, then after a few attempts, giving up and buying a new one, which actually turned out to be better suited for the project :)
We ran out of yellow here, and so did Jo'anns so we improvised with a grayish color.

Last steps, putting the legs on before we move it in place. Isn't it cute how marines sew their names on their rears? If you can find them in all that camo, you instantly know their names....a little paradoxical?  Just kidding Keith. :)
Soldier was a great cheerleader

The finished product, I realize I forgot to photograph most of the platform....I will be sure to post more at a later date.  We were pretty excited that it was finished, laid on it for a moment, then headed out to the farmer's market before they closed. Goat Cheese and local honey!  We may work on it a little more in the future since we differ a little on the raw wood look, but for now, my room smells like Papa's old boat shop, and that's comforting. :)

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