Monday, February 13, 2012

 Staring at Cash eating with his shoe on the table, a little distracting when trying to enjoy her cup of yogurt.
We spent the entire weekend with cousins(pictures to follow) on Saturday we grabbed frozen yogurt with Amy and Alyssa. We love frozen yogurt! Yuliya is much like her momma with just one or two toppings and rarely a mess.

Note he took his shoe off and ate with it next to him...
After many trips for yogurt I finally learned my lesson. Cash does not like ice cream or frozen yogurt, he likes the idea of it, but eating it is way too cold for him. He always makes a pained face and wipes his tongue with a napkin. 

The reason I do not like it is because he is usually so eager to get to the toppings without getting much of the yogurt that he uses his hands to fish them out and we end up with a wonderfully sticky mess at the end.

So this weekend when getting frozen yogurt at Orange Leaf I opted to JUST give him toppings. I thought he would object, but he was 100% satisfied with his cup full of blueberries, strawberries, cereal, chocolate, marshmallows, ect. (interesting combo I know)
I was very happy to not have a sticky child at the end.

It was like unlocking another level on the game of parenting. 

I consider it a win

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