Monday, February 15, 2016


This weekend we took a quick trip to Oklahoma

First we stopped off in Dallas to pick up Jack and Sam. Then we headed to Turner Falls for a late lunch!

Picnicking with a view!

Next, we made our way to Norman, Oklahoma to check out the University of Oklahoma! Norman High school was letting out as we turned onto the main street and a whole slew of teenagers weaved in between our stopped cars. One of the teenagers had a backpack with our last name embroidered in a blazing bright orange on it! What are the chances?!
This campus is on my top three, it was filled with history and...these guys were zooming around on single wheeled structures.
"Man with popsicle"-The children
 Some of my favorite photos from the weekend. 

 Taken at the Oklahoma Railroad Museum! This outing was a blast! We had the place to ourselves due to freezing weather. We had about 30 train cars to explore including a caboose very similar to the one from St. Francisville!

We learned about the Sooners here at the Centennial Land Run Monument right off the river walk. We also froze our fingers off...gloves, must remember gloves.
 Back in Dallas for a night and day, we waited and waited for this trolley, but we never caught it! Maybe next time!
We did, however, get to see a man zooming down the sidewalk on a giant unicycle!
On Sunday we met up with cousins and hit the Dallas Zoo! 
Can you find something extra special about this photo?

To round up our trip we met up with Sam Houston. For years I have driven past him, but have never stopped. Did you know that he's around 40 ft smaller than the Statue of Liberty??

Headed home, exhausted. 10 States under our belts.

Next up-New England!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

100 days of school

Better late than never right?! I sure hope I look like anyone in this group when I hit 100! Cash opted out of wearing his belly and glasses this year.


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