Friday, September 30, 2011

We like grapes

Last night my sisters, Tara and Amy and I went to a painting class, we had wine, irish cheese, crackers and retrospect grape jam would have really pulled it all together.(just kidding) We had fun, drank a little, laughed a lot. We love eachothers company, but the personalities of our classmates fit well with ours too, which is always nice.

Yum Irish cheese! I couldn't get enough of this.
This poor couple to the left of the picture asked me to take a picture....I don't think it turned out very well so they asked Tara to retake it. You always have to take two pictures though right? So Amy jumped in and took one too. She was laughing so hard the picture didnt turn out. They were good sports about it, even if in the back of their minds they were thinking..."please just let us have the camera back" ha!
 My finished product up close and personal

Tada! Check back next month for what we three are able to accomplish! :)

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