Wednesday, September 16, 2015


In September Keith went on an assignment in Hawaii, I took a few days and met up with him out there. It was beautiful! 
The down side to Keith working while we travel is that I spend a big portion of the day at the resort. (terrible right?) As you may have gathered by now, I like to be out and about, hiking, and exploring! The resort, in Ko Olina, was pretty far removed from hikes, and activities. Here are the photos from "working hours."

I absolutely loved this little church. You could see it from our patio. We were able to catch a few darling weddings there! The blue walls on either side of the orange doors are actually water walls!

What looks like pineapples in the trees (actually a pandanus tree)
The property was beautifully landscaped
I never took photos of the resort next to us, but I had to go up there a couple of times to check out and return a rental car. It was equally beautiful. This resort though, had a giant tree in the center of the parking lot jam packed with birds squawking at each other so loudly that it is impossible to hear even the person right next to you! 
When I stepped foot out of the car I searched for the source of the screams and when I finally looked up into this tree I was in awe.
Waikiki Beach in Honolulu

On the very last day we spent the afternoon / evening on a "local's beach" eating cheese, drinking wine and watching the surfers bob in the ocean just waiting for that big wave to break. More pictures from Hawaii to follow!


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