Friday, March 30, 2012


Last night was kindergarten orientation, Yuliya enjoyed it! She was whisked away by kindergarten teachers to read, color, and watch a visual book while we watched the school power point. She already has friends at school from her preschool which is comforting, and I am sure once school starts she will know even more of her classmates from her new preschool.
Cash had a blast running all over around the school for about a half hour and then quickly met his limit. After that he was endlessly leaning over to tell me "I'm ready, I'm ready to go"

 I however did not do quite so well. 
Multiple times as we were sitting in the gym hearing about kindergarten and what to expect I had to fight back tears. At one point they introduced the teachers and had the kids line up next to them...well then I really almost lost it.
Fight it back, Fight it.
You can't be the only one to cry, even the shyest of the 5 year olds is fine. So I might be that mom that cries at every major milestone of my children's lives....we will see. 
And sorry in advance.

We are on our way to Charleston to see Sam and Jack for a few days. Will also get to stop in and visit friends. I am excited for the trip, to take pictures and be silly. Tomorrow we celebrate my birthday, Sunday will be Jack's and Monday Sam's. Our weekend will be full of happy birthdays and sweets.

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