Monday, March 12, 2012

Clumsy me

Kitchen Update:

These are the only two photos you get of progress as of last Friday. My reasons are simple, the colors we originally picked were awful and you don't get to see them until the final post! They finished out the opening for the bar, have sanded all of the cabinets and primed part of them. Today they start building the cabinets that needed to be replaced.

Highlights from our weekend(without a stove, sink, counter top, and most of our food in boxes):

We ate out, then saw The Lorax(Cash's first movie)
We woke up and ate cereal, then made our way to the Livestock show and Rodeo. We saw so many animals. Baby pigs, cows, goats, sheep, chickies, turkeys, bees ect. We visited with the Borden milk cow and a calf accompanying her, sat in cars and pretended to drive them, and sampled plenty of food products.

Yuliya's favorite part? 
"The horse" (we saw one horse, it was fiberglass)

Cash's favorite part? 
"The choochoo train" (We rode a tram from the reliant center back to our parking lot, which Cash affectionately renamed a choochoo train. )

There was a playground vendor with a fully built playground indoors, they both also thoroughly enjoyed that.  I took advantage of the nicely situated swing vendor right next door for grown ups to relax! Although as swinging the vendor told me I "should tell my mom and dad to buy one." Gee thanks Mr. I don't think I look that young! Cash also enthusiastically shouted "PLAYGROUND!" every time we saw one for the entire rest of the that was fun.

Keith's favorite part? 
The lambs with black fur born that day. They were very cute and slight trouble makers.

My Favorite part? While we were there there was a lot of pig weighing and washing going on so they had to walk from place to place. I loved watching them wonder around walking so awkwardly, they naturally lumber around like toddlers and NFL players. I also enjoyed the cows mooing at each other and at Cash as they waited in the cow car wash line.
When we left we.... Went out to eat, where I had the kids "Santa-tize" (Yuliya) their hands before eating, then rewarded with "rice Christmas treats" (Yuliya) when they finished their sandwiches.

We came home to a lovely table my thrifty sister Amy found for me(It's great Amy!Love the color!)

We then played, and cleaned(Cash, and Keith are great cleaners, Yuliya is fantastic!) too soon though it was time to eat out again...
So I was sitting on the floor, Cash in lap ready to put his shoes on.
Something Cash does when his playing around is basically head-butt me but while sitting in my lap...most of the time it doesn't bother me,(it's all out of excitement) sometimes he misses and hits me in the jaw which sends an instant migraine searing through my head.
 Saturday he missed and hit me in the windpipe..hard! Have you ever been hit in the windpipe? It doesn't cause a migraine, but it does send a shooting pain through your chest and make your throat hurt for days. That was enough for me to rule the official end of head-butting.
The contractor came over later and we dreamed big dreams as we always do. He's a great guy, great contractor and skilled at bringing new ideas to the table from angles I never considered. This is dangerous for dreamers!
being tired of cereal daily and no table to eat at, we went out to eat....for the last time...I am now tired of that too.
We gathered supplies for Yuliya's party (on the 24th expect invites in the mail this week!),
we were very productive all day Sunday, preparing for her party, playing, figuring out where we want the shelves in the pantry, and Yuliya even helped me weed out all of the clothes she has now grown out of by trying everything on. We are ready to pass them on to cousins!
The best part of Sunday was breakfast and how happy the kids were all day.
The worst part was when I turned on the sink and grabbed dishes as the water warmed only to realize the drain was not hooked up and the kitchen was soaked. Resulting in probably a few not so nice words and me desperately trying to dry everything, which was quickly followed by me forgetting I was underneath the top cabinets and cracking my head pretty hard on them as I quickly stood up in frustration. With an end result of me sitting with my head between my knees as the throbbing pain faded and left a nice knotted signature.

Over all it was a long, productive, painful(for me), fun weekend. We are all tired of eating out and ready for a kitchen again(just a week and a half without one...wimps!) More pictures from our weekend later!

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