Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Labors of tangles

We took weeks and hours upon hours preparing for the party. Most hours went to this super long braid, it took us forever to get this thing untangled see Judy out there holding them straight? So many thanks to all the neighbors that helped with this impossible braid!

Remember how I told you we spent all night wrapping hair around the club house? Well how we accomplished this was to tie my car keys to the end of a string that was attached to the yellow table cloth I used as hair.We would then throw the keys over the beam and let gravity do its job....only....sometimes gravity didn't do it's job and my keys were left suspended in the air. This might not have been our best idea had my keys been stuck 20ft in the air, or worse in the beams themselves!

 An example of when gravity was not working for us and my keys were just dangling sweetly in the air.

Yuliya all ready for her Tangled party, Rapunzel in hand.
After the party was over and everyone had left we remembered the floating lanterns, Oops! Sorry to all of you who missed it, but I did get two video's of us doing them. So hopefully you can feel like you were there. 
This was our first attempt at one. After hitting a few trees and not having great visibility while it was still bright out we tried again at night. (to be posted later)

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