Monday, March 5, 2012

Spin cycle

On Saturday I bought a new phone, on Sunday I promptly washed that dirty thing with the laundry......
Yes, that's right, I finally replaced my phone as mine was falling apart and now tricky to use since the main button refused to work and within a day completely ruined my new one. I did not realize it was in the laundry until the spin cycle, when I thought I might text my contractor and decided to go looking for my phone.
I went to my room where I had carefully laid the camera, purse, and other things I use daily on my sheetless bed, I did a quick mental inventory and then it hit me like a brick wall.
Please don't be the thing I forgot to take off of the bed before grabbing the sheets!!

It was, it totally was, sitting at the bottom of the washer, soaked, cleaned and spun dry. My brand new hopelessly flawless looking drowned little phone.
So I was able to spend double for a phone this weekend. Now the only thing the old (one day old) one is good for is to stand in as a mirror.....a really expensive mirror.
So...there's that.

Fresh pita bread coming down the conveyor

Also these things are touch phones..which I have never used before and now understand the auto correct issue we face.

To cheer me up on Sunday Keith took me to Phoenicia, I haven't been since they rebuilt it. It worked, dating a foodie must be nice. :)

I think we picked out colors for the kitchen, can you guess them??

More updates tonight as I see them!

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