Thursday, March 8, 2012

Kitchen Progress Day 6:

Yes, it's only been 6 days. It seems hard to believe for me because I feel like a lot has gone on. And time drags when all of your kitchen and pantry items are in your living room. And your house is covered in drywall dust(soon to be cabinet dust too) To the left we have the now closed in pantry.
To the right is what the kitchen looks like as of right now. One pantry door!

The blue wall....its now patched, taped, floated and textured, hopefully it is painted today.
And last but not least, they lowered the opening to the kitchen that is now in the dining room. getting it ready for a bar top. Today they plan to take out all of those studs and put two new ones in on the outside to regain the weight.
They also plan on sanding the cabinets today which means I was able to spend part of my night clearing out the rest of the things in my kitchen cabinets, now every cabinet is empty. Thank you Lisa and Keith for the help! I will also actually need to decide on a cabinet color if I plan on putting cabinet items back anytime soon.

In Other News:  Guess who had a hair cut?

Yes they are in frequent enough around these parts to be documented...
Here's his hair most recently...

But here's how long it has been...(also this is an amusing picture of him)


Tada! Long hair no more...for now.

Tomorrow we talk about the rodeo :)

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