Thursday, March 1, 2012

I decided to take the 30 day mom challenge because why not right? Each day has something different, some of them are things I regularly do but some are not. Like number 16, I think that is an interesting way to look at issues that I rarely employ. 
And for the ones I already do? 
I intend to improve on them. 
I can absolutely fill their days with more love.

Update on the kitchen:

I cleared all of these areas out yesterday, they will be demoing the stove top, from the dishwasher to the pantry, and the pantry and bar today. I was able to see a little of it before a left for work today, drastic changes over here!
Everything above is what they are knocking out today!...besides the fridge.
When cleaning out the spice cabinet I ran across this little beauty
I flipped over all my spices yesterday and threw out the ones that were expired. With intent to replace shortly.
It seems I don't use Dill Seed ever...
 1986! I should put this in my baby book, we were probably made at the same time.

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