Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Here's the latest on the kitchen. The big white patch you see on my pretty blue wall is what used to be the bar to the wet bar. Soon it will be one flush wall!
Above I was trying to show you that
 you can see the attic fromthe pantry right now...
but it didn't capture the attic the way I would have liked.

Over to the left is the newly ripped out wall above the stove. Here will be a breakfast bar. Does it seem a little high to you? (I will need to rearrange the playroom soon as well.)

To the right are the new walls, see the closed in pantry?Next comes sealing, texturing and painting them and building cabinets. Soon I will need to empty the cabinets above as well which will be a headache and stretch me for space, but it's only temporary. I can do it!

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