Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sick day

Yesterday I had to pick up Child one from school. The school called and said she was throwing up, so I took off and rescued her with the intent to nurse her back to wellness. Only when I picked her up she was jolly as could be....I started to wonder if she had devised a plan to get out of school. On our drive home however(about a mile) I had to pull over for her to be sick in the grass. Okay this is legit.

So as I sat at home with Yuliya because she really was sick. I set her up on the couch with a movie while I worked from home. She napped on and off and after a while got up and started this routine of pausing the movie to get up and ask. I can't have juice right? I can't have candy or I'll be sick? What about cake? Milk? Crackers? Vitamins? ect.
Every time I would reply "No you can't eat anything yet, you need to wait or you will be sick again" Yet the questions kept pouring. Sandwich? I can't have a sandwich or I'll be sick? What about blueberries? Ice cream?
She ended up eating crackers a little later on and did just fine, by the end of the night she was 100% back to normal. Thank goodness for very very short illnesses.

In other news I woke up to a pitter patter of feet last night right outside my door. But it stopped and turned around, so I figured who ever it was had decided to go back to bed. This morning however....I woke up to find.
Strawberries in the living room,
 an open bag of walnuts,
open bag of banana chips,
unwrapped dark chocolate,
an empty cup of yogurt eaten with a serving spoon,
an entire block of hot, now bad cheese
and a missing bag of bagels.

When I woke the children up and pulled Cash's blankets back...this is what I found.

Bagels in bed! Yogurt all over his face. Turns out this was a solo operation,Yuliya had not been invited to the midnight madness. She was just as baffled to find bagels in bed with Cash as I was.
Oh how I can't wait to have a pantry again, and snack food up high.

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