Thursday, March 22, 2012

Official 3 week marker today
Let's play I spy!
See the sink in the middle of the kitchen?
How about the piece of furniture in the pantry? (this is where the microwave will hide)
Or the gallon guy I drew in elementary school? (and still use)
See the level on top of the top shelf in the pantry?
How about all but one drawer installed in the range top keeping all the loose cabinet doors company?
Can you find the new outlet that will control the bar lights?

I won't show you the other side of the kitchen just's pretty much a disaster, we really could play I spy and it might end up more difficult than the books.

Here are some pictures from the rodeo.
Cash watching the cow shows, he took to the gate like a cowboy.
Yuliya and Cash petting the Borden cow
I thought this chickie napping on the food was pretty cute. Almost like planking.

Even though everywhere we walked you could see me pointing to patties and saying Watch out for the poop! And I would see both children carefully step around the landmines some how cash was able to step in enough to make the whole car smell like it all the way home. He's magical I tell you.

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