Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Mandatory Kitchen Update:
This is the only picture I took last night, they are getting ready to rip this wall out. They have almost completed putting the pantry together as a room, it just needs a ceiling(right now you can see the attic) and a door, shelving will come later.

Completely unrelated:

Have I ever mentioned that my kids love stickers? Love them. But I have a rule, only on paper or your body. So.... this is what tends to happen to Momma if I sit with them... Cash's work is on the right, (yes there's another train on the inside of my arm) he said it was a choo choo train, I think Yuliya's was a train station.
You can see some of their past work here
They were proud to be posing with their masterpiece

Who can't be happy with 50 motivational stickers on them telling you how great you are. Maybe I should try this next time they are grumpy...pin them down and put fun stickers all over their clothes.

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