Friday, March 2, 2012


I came home to a wonderful smell and.....this
This is the view from my living room, yesterday morning it was a bar ledge to a wet bar.
Now it has been prepped to close that window up, the wall between the bar and the pantry has been taken out, see the vertical brown line on the left wall? That's what used to seperate the two rooms. It's about to be one huge pantry/craft closet. Because who really uses a wet bar?
This is what I have as a kitchen right now, stove to the left, sort of a sink to the right. It is kind of balanced there, but useable if I really need it. Yes that black stuff is water damage, they are now talking about needing to take the brick off my house to get to it that's fun....
And I am thinking a little longer than the original 4 week quote.
I hope to have counter tops picked by this evening.
My family blog might have taken a turn into a home improvement blog for the moment, as this is a major event in our lives.

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