Tuesday, March 20, 2012

100% chance of rain.

Check out the rain band over Texas, it's pretty neat.

Kitchen progress day 19:
(yes 19 days)
Cabinet frames with newly painted cabinet doors drying inside

Here we are 19 days in...19 days of no cooking, sandwiches, cereal, raw foods, a lot of eating out and one veggie lasagna.
All of the drawers were painted last night, as well as all of the cabinets fronts. We were lucky enough to have a nice day outside so they could paint outdoors. Saturday they painted all of the upper cabinets(indoors).  Today there is massive storm hovering over most of Texas will require them to paint the rest of the cabinets indoors. 

The plan for this week is, finish painting cabinets, measure out and start setting the counter tops, refinish my avocado green sink and stove.(that's right I am keeping them!) Build the shelves in the pantry, paint them and pick out a back splash.

With Yuliya's Birthday coming up this Saturday it has made me antsy to have the kitchen back in order,  preparing for a party will be interesting.Sunday Lisa, Keith and I were actually able to make an entire meal with one sink, a grill and less than a sq ft of counter top space. Preparing for the party could be like the Amazing Race Kitchen series.

Have you received your invite yet?

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  1. One achievable solution would be to tell the landlord about it. Supply to pay a portion of the replacement of the kitchen countertops. The advantage to him is that he gets a new kitchen countertops and gets assist paying for it.



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