Thursday, August 29, 2013

Rush-hour madness-I beg of you

On occasion I make it home after work literally thanking Houston "Great job guys, we all worked together today and made it home with time to spare!" Yes, I actually say these words out loud, this is how thankful I can be for a fantastic drive home.

Now that summer is over, vacation time is accruing, teachers are teaching, children are drudging up hill in three miles of snow to their schools just for the hope for recess....traffic is awful! Everyone is back at work, lives are more hectic than our lazy summer days of less obligation, less stress and less traffic; yet, the heat still remains and we sit in miserable commuter congestion, baking in our cars like a line of cookies on a cookie sheet. Some days, I fear rush-hour will swallow me up into the same black hole that the dryer throws all the single socks into...and I might never make it home. 

I can't help but remain hopeful with each new day that today I can thank all of Houston for a job well done. Please Houstonians, let's work together and get home today :)

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