Tuesday, April 3, 2012

For all the spouses

Of the people that can't stand my kitchen updates because their loved ones are now dying to have a new kitchen. Here is a photo of how usuable my kitchen was for 4 weeks.
Every single thing in the kitchen and pantry has lived in my bedroom, living room, and garage.
Every non perisible food I have has been packed away in boxes stacked on top of each other. 
No counter tops to even pour a cup of milk on.
No stove, oven or sink.
I have been washing dishes in the bathroom sink. But because we grew tired of sandwiches and cereal really fast, and most days they are still spraying paint inside the house when we get home, I have spent way too much money eating out.
There is a film of paint and dry wall dust covering everything in the house...not just the kitchen, the whole house....even if you sweep daily it's still everywhere.
And if you have kids...its a blast to keep them out of the kitchen every single day.

Not to say I am not thankful for my soon to be done kitchen and remodel. I just think I would recommend scheduling something like this while you spend a month traveling europe. A month of just traveling and come home to a brand new kitchen, oh the dreams.

That being said.. I can not wait to come home tomorrow and see the progress that has gone on for the past 4 days.

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