Friday, June 15, 2012

It's June 15th

In case you had not had a chance to look at a calendar yet today. I'll let you know, it's June 15th. 

That means:
  •  Almost half of this year has gone by without me realizing it! 
  • Yuliya starts school in 3 months
  • Cash is three!
  • I have more work to do on my new years goals
  • We are now on week 16 of the kitchen repair 4 week kitchen repair
  • The boys will be here in less than a week
  • I read the hunger games but never saw the movie, pretty sure it's no longer in theaters
  • I still haven't finished my bucket list
  • And Summer is officially here!
I can't believe half of this year is already almost behind us. 

We have created two to-do lists. One for this weekend, which involves:
  •  Painting the kids bunk beds yellow
  •  Painting their room 
  •  Reorganizing the room
  •  Weeding the yard 
  •  Trying our hand at once a month vegetarian cooking.

Our second list is a Summer List
Things we would like to accomplish this summer while Keith is home for a month, and I am home for 2 weeks.
This is what we have:

·         Nature walk
·         Run in sprinklers
·         Donuts for breakfast
·         Swimming
·         Splash pad
·         Play at the park
·         Put on play/make a movie
·         Bubble blowing
·         Go to the movies
·         Write a story
·         Water balloons
·         Bake treats
·         Make a mud pie
·         Face paint
·         Hide and seek
·         Smores
·         Watch fireworks
·         Write a letter & mail it
·         Go camping
·         Go bowling
·         Roll down a hill
·         Wash the cars
·         Paint rocks with crayons
·         Scavenger hunt
·         Photo shoot
·         Movie marathon in pajamas
·         Baseball game
·         Water park
·         Discovery Green kayaks
·         Zoo
·         Roller skate
·         Make smoothies
·         Plant plant
·         Make a mural
·         Breakfast for dinner
·         Build a fort
·         Ice cream truck
·         Origami
·         Beach
·         Ride bikes
·         Food stamps(out of potatoes, celery and citrus)
·         Marble art
·         Bake cookies for friends
·         Croquet
·         Playground
·         Play with animals at caps/spca
·         Hand print art
·         Scavenger hunt
·         Feed ducks
·         Tour and take cookies to fire station
·         Swim
·         Twister
·         Soccer
·         Board games
·         Blue Bell tour 
·         Mini golf
·         Kids plan dinner
·         Fly kites
·         Planetarium
·         Service project
·         Library
·         Puzzles
·         Take a class
·         Build an obstacle course
·         Slip and slide
·         Eat watermelon
·         Make a collage
·         Make a race track
·         unbirthday party
·         Sparklers
·         Breakfast at the park
·         Texture coloring
·         Arboretum
·         Make a bird feeder
·         Make silhouettes
·         Write a poem
·         Write a story using paint names
·         Write a haiku
·         Glowstick art
·         Make a volcano
·         Fruit power battery
·         Visit the Museums
·         Watch a play at Miller Outdoor theater 
·         Yoga
·         Discovery green
·         Dynamo game
·         Go tubing
·         Astros game
·         Natural Bridge Caverns

It's a lot I know, but the goal is to try to do at least half of these things. I will have a list in the kitchen to cross them off as we go. 

All activities are open, if you are interested in joining us. :) 
Here we go onto summer time adventures.

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