Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pink is the new purple

Remember when I told you all Yuliya completely ditched pink for purple? Today was wear your favorite color to school day and she declared it pink. 

Annnnd we're back people!

 Purple is a semi impossible color to find in many things. I clearly remember sorting baby clothes with my large 8 month pregnant Yuliya belly gazing at the mountain of clothes that looked much like a big wad of pink bubble gum thinking.....I don't know what I will do if she's a girly girl....this is far too much pink. 

I was excited when she was under one and seemed to gravitate towards anything yellow.  I like yellow, its always cheery, unisex, and semi easy to find. But after she turned one I became used to her habit of always wanting pink, pink shoes, pink bows, pink dresses, pink cups, plates, and bowls. And you know....the color even started making its way into my wardrobe.

So it was a bit of a surprise to me when she announced purple was now the chosen color...I asked for many confirmations and was always assured..this is it Momma. Six months have gone by and I oh how I missed pink, it turns out it is actually fairly rare that you find a purple option in most things. 
They say absence makes the heart grow fonder....I believe it.

Also a Happy Happy Birthday to my sister Amy! We hope you have a wonderful day!
This is her " I am going to have a wonderful day" pose

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