Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Beach day

This morning we hit the beach, bright and early we made it there with the intentions of beating the heat.....but then again it is late June in Texas. There is no escaping the summer heat without a little rain. Thankfully our friends the Blackhearts(blog here) brought a tent to provide shade and the sun was not so oppressive after all.
I just love the stage Rose B. is in. When she first saw us she ran up to me and said "LOOK AT MY PONY TAIL!" I looked, "That's beautiful Rose!" "MY DADDY DID IT! ......I'm thirsty"

 Although there was almost no wind we were still able to get our kite pretty high up in the sky :)

Everyone ended up joining in a mission to dig to china or mexico. Which later turned into Little Rose and Ryan's "bubble bath"

 Ryan successfully made herself look like a beach bum zombie baby with dark red cherry stains all around her mouth and sand covering her head to toe. Future Halloween costume?

This is Cash's new thing when he doesn't want his picture taken....

After making it home safe and sound a beautiful storm broke the hot still air and brought us about 10 minutes of rain.  Keith, Jack and yours truly were able to play barefoot on the steaming cement while ice cold drops of rain trickled down our legs. We could not coax the little ones out to play in the rain but soon enough I am sure they will. After last summer's drought any summer rain calls for celebration and play. 

Tomorrow is back to work, I look forward to next week's celebrations, family visits and time off.

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