Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday-D day

It sounds way worse than it actually is. 

I actually said it out loud while we were eating donuts for lunch.

"We are having donuts for lunch on D-day "(only sibling battles here)
Maybe D day shouldn't be declared everywhere we go.

We are four days into working our way through the alphabet, here are a few of the things we have done as of yet:

Astros game
Sighting a firework show afterwards
While beautiful is a little crushing to see all of the damaged suffered from last year's drought
Cash was extremely unhappy about leaving and as always there were about 3 dogs and a cat that I wanted to take home with us.

Breakfast for dinner
Homemade Cinnamon French toast where one 8 year old exclaimed "These are so yummy, thank you for making them!"
Blowing Bubbles(really they just dumped them out)
Board games
Because we were busy early in the morning on B-day we decided to do the beach tomorrow on E day.(It's allowed)

Baking Cookies for friends
Making Collages
Yuliya's mainly consisted of pretty dresses and a Toy Story 3 picture,
Jack declared his unfinished, but so far looks great having hunted down fantastic photos.

Donuts for lunch
Cash, who is not a fan of donuts opted to just eat the icing off of a cake donut.
Not being a fan myself, I observed.
Discovery Green
Dock Dogs

Tomorrow we head to the beach with friends on E day.

I realize we aren't there in the alphabet yet, but have I mentioned that we play trains nearly every day? This was one of my favorite inside toys as a kid. It delights me that all of the children participate in the building/playing process.

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