Friday, January 6, 2012

New Years

So readers,

I am interested to know

What was your goal last year?

Did you stick with it?

What is your goal this year?

Leave a comment or email me(they are for my eyes only)

Mine is to make a difference, something Keith and I have actually talked about a lot. I want to make a difference in my life, community, and even further. I know it's kind of broad but its a whole year worth of a goal and I figure what's the harm in NOT giving myself a limit...right?
There are quite a few ideas running around up here and I do promise to share them from time to time. Right now it requires research for some of the things I have in mind  (TOP SECRET)stay tuned!

Secondary goals...don't worry they are just as important....

1. Harvesting in the yard, grow food again, hopefully bring home a chick this spring and learn more about being self sufficient (canning, making household necessities, ect)
2.Strike a deal with these's time we come to a truce and learn to get along

3. Learn to knit

So, Happy New Year, I am excited to hear your goals and....Let the games begin!

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