Thursday, June 21, 2012

Land owners

The boys arrived today!
 I think they didn't mind flying alone in the least, what do you think?

Keith's summer sabbatical being a stay at home dad is in full swing today. I think it has started of well, Sam as happy as can be to play trains and Jack humming around the house beaming from ear to ear at all of the new books to read. 

In other news:

Yesterday we officially became land owners! 
After meeting the previous owners and closing on the property we went out there where our Realtor (Keith's Aunt Sheri) gifted us with this great bench! I was able to put it right where I previously stated I wanted a bench. We also planted a beautiful Plumbago near the mailbox marking our arrival. Thank you to Sheri and Paul for all of the help trekking around this land with us helping us decide if it was the spot for us. 

Keith also spent quite a while trying to check dam one of the creeks on the property and returned with hundreds of tiny stickers all over his person and embedded deep in his hair. 

Adventures begin! 

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