Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Closing tomorrow!

Welcome to our new chunk of land.
Let me show you around....
See all of the crispy trees? This land was part of a wildfire last year, we can't wait to help it recover.
Okay now look way down, see the creek? There are a couple of wet weather creeks here.

This is by far my favorite spot on the property, there is always a breeze shooting through here. 
I want to smack a bench down right where I stood to take this picture. 

The land will require a lot of work, replanting to prevent erosion, dams in the creeks and just plain old love but I hope to update with pictures next spring with all the new growth and change. 

Tomorrow is closing day.
Tomorrow is the first day of this property's new life with aspiring permaculturist owners. 
We will treat it well. 
We will help it thrive and try to make all its visitors and animals that call it home healthy and happy.
Heck, we might even give it birthday parties. 

P.S. Tomorrow is also my dad's birthday, doing this makes me happy, and I think he would have been happy to trek around on this nice little chunk of land.

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