Thursday, June 28, 2012

Raising Butterflies

A couple of weeks ago I ordered caterpillars in the mail so we could raise our own butterflies.
 I thought we would all be excited about it. 
I thought it would be a learning experience at least for Cash who has never witnessed this.
I thought children would check on the caterpillars progress daily.
but we got them in the mail and no one seemed to pay them much mind.
I would sit and watch those little guys munch on their food daily 
and I thought no one else was watching. 
No one else was cheering on our baby caterpillars to literally grow wings and fly. 
The caterpillars soon were hanging upside down and I was even more excited then. They one by one fell into place and hung by their tails from the top of their cup.
 Fat and happy. 
The following day I propped my chin on the counter and watched them morph into chrysalises completely in awe, but also alone. 
Jack reading, and the other 3 playing with trains.

6 days later
While I was at work, Keith and the boys were coloring rocks (rock art) Jack suddenly jumped up and screamed! " Ahhhhhhhhh! Daddy the butterflies!!!"
They had hatched and he had screamed it out in excitement! 
He then called me at work to tell me
and it made me so happy to know the butterflies had hatched and to know he was excited enough to call me and tell me.
And it made me very happy to later see him chin propped on the counter watching the butterflies shake off the rest of their cocoons.

So maybe they did watch them when I wasn't looking 
and maybe they did quietly cheer them on 
and maybe they weren't so indifferent after all. 

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