Wednesday, June 20, 2012

To my dad on his birthday.

(Most likely Attached to some funny card making fun of how old people like you can’t have fun anymore)

Happy Birthday Dad!

Almost 60 huh…I wish you were here to go out to eat with before 5 and shopping on Tuesdays, I’ve always envied that senior discount. I’m sure you’re caught up on life, being all seeing or all knowing or simply just floating around in the valleys of Zion attached to the back of some critter sun bathing in sweet Utah summers.  Or…you read my blog too…flattering dad!

The other day I was telling Keith about how I learned to ride my bike, and it reminded me that it wasn’t you who had that pleasure…sorry about that.  I've got to say, I wasn't gung ho about it in the first place. Remember when I made that vow at age 3 to never get on a bike/tricycle again after falling off? And then we went and moved down the street from a massive cacti bush. I can honestly say..this was definitely no motivation for changing my mind. Really.. it was better I learned away from that threat.(Although I would still shake and get a little woozy riding past it for at least 2 years)  As a parent I now understand the pride in teaching your children things like this, especially bike riding, something we both loved. 

But we had flying kites and sailing in catamarans.

And you did teach me plenty of other things, sometimes while I dug my heels in the ground.
But at least I know how to get sap off my person, and cactus out of my feet. 

On your birthday we think of you, I remind the kids even though their grandpas aren't physically with us now, they were at one point. 

I hope you are really getting a kick out of all of this year's misfortunes and trial and errors. That the kids' adventures keep you entertained and you cringe at every new color I paint the walls. (Remember making me cringe?)

Happy Birthday old man, you are missed.

Your darling dear
Little monsters

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