Monday, April 23, 2012

tin tin

And we finally have ceiling tile!

It still needs to be framed in and of course about a million other little details around the kitchen. But we are getting there, now I actually believe it will be done this week. 

Keith and I spent a wonderful weekend in San Antonio with his parents and brother. Driving home from work on Friday in hail and zero visibility in the driving rain, I was taken by surprise by the perfect weather we had this weekend. Not a cloud in the sky, perfect temperatures and nice walks. Great food as always. 

I love big baby smiles with no teeth. Cameron(nephew) was so cute and cuddly, never a tear or whine from this one. Him and his brother play so sweetly. 

Wonder where all of the pictures went? While I am still putting the kitchen together I have yet to find the charger for my camera which used to live in the kitchen drawer with pens and paper.  I will find it soon though!

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