Friday, April 6, 2012


No post yesterday, on top of the killer migraine I was privileged enough to sit at the vital statistics center for around an hour and a half to obtain copies of the children's birth certificates, then mosey on down to the elementary and enroll Yuliya into Kindergarten. I went ahead and grabbed Cash's BC b/c let's face it, who wants to sit in that building and in that line more than necessary?
Yuliya asks me every day "not the day after tomorrow, but the day after that I am going to kindergarten right?" So yesterday I was able to tell her she is enrolled and we are now on a 4 month count down.  Kindergarten has been a VERY hot topic in our house lately, so much so that now any new place we go Cash automatically dubs "kindergarten" Yesterday I took them to Chase bank for the first time and he confidently declared that we were in kindergarten.
Not quite kiddo.

 I am hoping to have our Spring Charleston pictures uploaded this weekend. But here are a few I took with my phone.
The boys prefer staying in and playing games over going out any day, so that is what we did. We stayed in and played Chinese checkers, bananagrams(a game I have never played and now love!), checkers and find its. Jack and Sam brought along a Find It book that we poured over, all four of us working together to find the hidden objects on the page. Sam started out next to us and then decided to switch spots to look at the book upside down, I am amazed at how well he's able to find objects upside down.

Jack and my bananagram

We even went bowling

Last time we went to Charleston I tried the famous Shrimp and grits everyone insists on having while you are there. Originally I had it with brown gravy and cheddar cheese which was fantastic(and I don't typically like shrimp) This time I tried with Alfredo and Parmesan.....not so good. Next time it's back to brown gravy.

Ginger beer, non alcoholic and so so yummy, we thought it would be great to drink with sushi.

And....last but not least!

The Kitchen:

Here it is as of right now, all of the tiles for the back splash are in place, waiting on the grout between them. As you can see we still have quite a few things to do but the major issues have been addressed :) Last night I was able to put about 2/3 of the pantry back together. Hoping tonight the stove will be functional...I am so ready to cook. This weekend Keith and I were fantasizing about all of the things we are going to cook as soon as we have a functional kitchen again, nerdy huh?

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